Look to Read

Look to Read enables children with disabilities to enjoy books independently

Everyone can enjoy Look to Read as part of their literacy journey – whether you are just starting out or already have some literacy skills. Each book is fully accessible, with exciting content and learning activities to support you at every stage.

Four reading stages

Stories are grouped into reading stages – each stage gradually introduces new sounds and vocabulary to build on what you’ve already learned.

Includes motivating activities

Each story comes with four accompanying activities, exploring everything from phonic sounds and story recall.

Communication tools

Symbolised chat grids are available with every story in Look to Read, with commonly used core words and key words from the story.

16 original animated stories and 64 learning activities
Suitable for eye gaze, switch, pointer and touch access
High contrast mode for users with visual impairment
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Encourage a love of reading

Step one

Choose from one of the 16 stories about the magical adventures of a young boy called Pip and his family.

Step two

See the words of the story displayed on the screen. Look, touch, press your switch or move your mouse over the words to hear them read aloud.

Step three

When you have read the whole sentence, fun animations will bring the story to life

16 animated stories

Discover phonics

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

What’s included?

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