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Everything you need in one place

Fast Talker has everything you need to communicate, keep in touch with friends and family, and stay connected with the world. You’ll also find tools for controlling your home and computer – using any access method.

Who is Fast Talker for?

Fast Talker is designed for literate people who use text AAC to help them communicate and live a more independent life. It is suitable for a range of users, including those who are looking for:

  • Efficient text communication
  • Easy to use accessible apps
  • Large cell version to support all access needs

Key features

  • Text communication, with prediction and quick phrases
  • Latest message banking technology
  • Easy to edit and personalise
  • Built-in apps, optimised for simplicity and accessibility
  • Tools for full control of Windows software
  • Designed for all access methods
  • Available in two sizes

Powerful built-in apps

Fast Talker includes apps for communicating, message banking, browsing the web, using social media, controlling the devices in your home, sending emails and SMS, adding contacts, listening to music and watching videos, using the camera and calculator, and creating notes.

Available in two sizes

Fast Talker is available in two sizes, to suit your different access needs. Both versions have the same functionality, so you can access all the same features and resources.

Fast Talker

Our standard Fast Talker grid set enables you to use all the features in as few selections as possible, and is suited to those who can manage smaller cells.

Fast Talker Large Cell

Fast Talker Large Cell enables you to access all the functions of Fast Talker but using larger cells. It also features a frequency-based keyboard that splits letters across two grids, with the most commonly used letters appearing first.

Discover the apps that make Fast Talker so useful

Fast Talker brings together powerful tools for communicating, controlling your home and staying connected with the world – and you can effortlessly switch between them.

Fast text communication

The Fast Talker keyboard uses powerful SwiftKey prediction tools to help you increase your rate of communication and get your message across efficiently.

You’ll also find readymade phrases for common situations and interactions, that you can quickly speak without typing. They’re easy to edit, and there’s plenty of space to add your own.

Chat history

Everything you say is remembered in Fast Talker and can be spoken again with just a few selections. Your chat history will also suggest messages based on when and where you last said something. Just start typing the keyword in your sentence, and related messages will appear below the chat area.

Your information belongs to you

Want more control over which messages are remembered? Simply turn on private mode to keep your messages from appearing.

Message banking

If you have speech you can use the message banking feature to capture it, creating messages and phrases that you can playback in your own voice.

Stay connected

Fast Talker can help you keep in touch with friends and family, and stay connected to the wider world. You’ll find simplified apps for sending emails and text messages, using social media and browsing the web – with clear cells to help you navigate them.

Control your home

Our environment control tools can help you use the devices around your home – from your TV and HiFi, to your lights, windows, curtains and doors. You will need an AAC device like our Grid Pad to use this feature.

Access your computer

Take full control of all Windows software, with pinpoint accuracy. Using zoom to click, you’ll be able to focus in on the part of the screen you want to interact with.

Keep your messages safe

Any messages and personalisation you add to Fast Talker are backed up using third party cloud technology.

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