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Grid 3 is a complete communication solution that enables people to have a voice, control their environment and live more independent lives. It’s designed for anyone with complex communication or access needs and includes a wide range of resources that you can control with touch, switch, eye gaze and pointing devices. You’ll find grid sets for talking with symbols or text, and content for all ages and abilities.

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Content for everyone

Grid 3 is designed with AAC users in mind. There are many readymade resources for everyone to explore, from powerful communication tools for text to grid sets for communicating with symbols and developing literacy. 

Symbol communication

A range of vocabularies are available with Grid, from Word Power to PODD and Vocabulary for Life.

Super Core, a new research-based core vocabulary, makes it easier for early AAC users to get started and experience success with symbol communication. Core vocabulary sits alongside activity-specific language, with powerful features that make it simpler to form phrases and communicate meaning.

Smart Grammar features in combination with next-word prediction, make it easier for symbol users to quickly build phrases and clearly communicate meaning.

All popular symbol libraries are included with Grid 3: Widgit, PCS, Symbol Stix and Snap Photos.

Text communication

Text Talker is packed with innovative features to make communicating as fast and efficient as possible. You can quickly generate messages in the moment and prepare for conversations in advance. It also includes ready-made grids for Message Banking, enabling people who still have some speech to capture it and recall it from within the app.

In Fast Talker, apps for everything sit alongside your text communication grid set. Making it easy to switch from sending an email to browsing the web or catching up on your work.

The patented Chat History feature will always suggest phrases based on when you last said something and where you are; using our integrated location aware technology. Included in all of our text communication resources, this ground breaking feature makes communicating with text more efficient than ever before.

Designed for all access

You can use Grid 3 with any type of alternative access, from eye gaze and switch to touch and pointing devices. You can even set it up with multiple access options and switch between them to suit your changing needs throughout the day.

Access options

Edit and create new resources with ease

Personalising resources is simple, or you can even create your own. Whether you prefer larger text, high contrast colours or larger cells to target – everything is possible! And your profile and content can be backed up and stored safely in the cloud.

Remote editing

Remote editing enables anyone to edit resources and get support, from anywhere in the world. This means that parents and professionals can collaborate on personalising content. Any changes you make are automatically updated, so long as your device is online and Remote Editing is turned on.


Accessible apps

Accessible apps enable you to browse the web, use social media and so much more. There are grid sets for everything from making a quick phone call and sending a quick text or email, to updating your Facebook page and watching videos on YouTube.

Tools for home, school and work

Whether you are just starting out with communication, or using AAC while studying or in the workplace, there are tools to support you through your day-to-day life.  Computer control gives you full access to Windows using eye gaze, pointing devices, or switch. You’ll be able to control any application you want, whether at home, school or at work.

Control your environment

Using any device with infrared and radio technology, Grid 3 helps you to take control of the devices in your home, and operate anything from televisions and lights, to heaters and beds. There is even a collection of Simple Environment Control grid sets to get you started.

Interactive Learning

The Interactive Learning activities in Grid 3 have been created to help learners progress towards alternative communication. Each motivating activity is accompanied by grid that enable you to talk about what you have achieved.

25 activities
Choose from a collection of animated activities to teach through exploration and play, from looking after an on-screen pet dog to designed a car, or racing one on a track!

Cause and effect
The first collection of activities is designed for teaching cause and effect. They include a magic paintbrush that paints animated pictures!

The second set of activities allow you to get creative with a selection of choice making activities. You can be a fashion designer and strut you stuff on the catwalk, bake a elaborate cake or build yourself a new car!

The third set of activities provide an exciting set of challenges and games, such as Four in a Row and Bug Splat!

Visual Scenes
The fourth set of activities are built around interactive visual scenes with a large variety, from a Jazzy Jungle to the Wild West!

A voice that belongs to you

Choose from our library of voices where you’ll find a wide selection of languages and regional accents for men, women and children. You can tailor the pitch and speed of the voice to suit you, and use the pronunciation tools to sound out uncommon words correctly. You can even integrate recordings of your own voice with Message banking features, or import a custom voice that you have already recorded.


Available worldwide

Grid 3 is available worldwide in a wide range of languages.

We currently offer content and voices in: Afrikaans, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK, US, CA, AU, NZ and ZA), Finnish, Flemish, French (FR and CA), German (DE and AT), Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (PT and BR), Polish, Slovak, Spanish (ES, CA and LATAM), Swedish and Welsh.

Do more with Grid

You can access even more content from Online Grids in Grid 3. There are hundreds of grid sets available, with everything from storytelling to controlling specific apps and games. Some favourites include YouTube for Kids, sudoku and Amazon Alexa.

Latest Grid Updates

Grid update 91 release notes

Check what's coming in the next Grid update.

Grid update 91 release notes

System requirements

Grid 3 has been designed to run on our Grid Pad communication aids. It will also run on devices and computers made by other suppliers as long as they meet the Grid 3 minimum requirements.

Support materials and help

Find everything you need to support Grid 3 including guides, troubleshooting articles and more at the Smartbox Hub.

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