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Our award-winning communication and computer access software for Windows provides the tools you need get talking.

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Grid sets

Grid sets are the pre-made vocabularies designed for use with The Grid 2. Each grid set is designed for a different user group, providing resources for all levels of language and alternative access. Many experts from within the field of AAC have contributed to the development of these grid sets that combine speaking aloud with many other great communication features.

The core focus of each grid set is to provide fast and accurate communication through user-appropriate techniques such as sentence building blocks, core vocabulary or instant phrases. Talk to us to find the grid set that will suit you – or we can help you create your own bespoke solution.

Symbol communication

Symbols are used by people with no literacy skills, as well as helping those with limited literacy to develop a larger vocabulary. The Grid 2 includes Widgit and SymbolStix symbols sets with the option to purchase PCS, Snaps Photo Library, Makaton Metacom and Bliss.
The simple editing interface makes it quick and easy to adapt your grids with personalised content. Online training videos are also available to make things easy.

Text communication

Modern communication means a lot more than just talking to whoever is in the room! Our Fast Talker 2 grid set not only provides the fastest and most accurate text communication for literate users, it also includes a series of accessible apps for Facebook, Skype, YouTube, email and much more!

Languages and voices

The Grid 2 is translated into almost 20 different languages and comes with a range of high-quality adult and child voices. Our large network of worldwide resellers have created many resources for use with their local customers.

Languages and Voices for The Grid 2

Computer control

The Grid 2 includes all the features you need to control everyday Windows programs, without using a standard keyboard and mouse:

  • Ready-made resources for complete Windows and internet control with any access method.
  • Seamless integration with communication grids.
  • Free downloads of application specific resources including Facebook and Kindle reader.

Environment control

The Grid 2 provides the brilliant platform for environment control, in combination with our range of ‘Servus’ devices and accessories. Any cell can be programmed to transmit a signal that can do anything from turning on your TV to opening your doors.


The Grid 2 features a number of built-in workspaces, including:

  • Internet
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Skype
  • Music player
  • DVD player
  • Webcam
  • Word Processor

Each workspace is fully accessible with any input method and many are symbol supported.


The Grid 2 has been designed to be accessed by everyone, from those with complex disabilities to people with good motor control. Any grid can be set up to work with:

  • Eye gaze systems: Tobii, Alea Intelligaze, LC eyegaze and EyeTech Quick Glance
  • Switch access with extensive options for maximum efficiency
  • Direct access with options including magnified cells, dwell selections and keyguards
  • Pointer control including head mice and joysticks
  • Standard keyboard and mouse
  • Voice control for those using the software for computer access

Online Grids

Grid 2 users can download and share their resources through Sensory Software’s Online Grids website. The site provides users with hundreds of ready made grid sets available for download. The site includes trial versions of all our paid for grid sets, so you can try before you buy.

Grid sets for The Grid 2

There are a number of grid sets available for use with The Grid 2, offering new ways to navigate, communicate and interact.

Phonics for All

Phonics for All is an innovative collection of grid sets available for The Grid 2, which support users of AAC learning to read and write. The scheme has been created by renowned special needs teacher and AAC practitioner Marion Stanton and follows a simple structure that complements schools’ normal phonics programmes.

Phonics for All


PODD is a way of organising whole word and symbol vocabulary in a communication book or speech generating device to provide immersion and modelling for learning.

The aim of PODD is to provide vocabulary for continuous communication all the time in a range of situations.

PODD stands for:

  • Pragmatic – realistic social language
  • Organisation – words and symbols arranged in a systematic way
  • Dynamic Display – changing pages

Download the PODD manual


CALLtalk was created for symbol communicators who are developing their literacy skills. The start grid and each topic grid feature eight yellow cells that link to further pop-up grids.

Ingfield Dynamic Vocabularies

IDV is made up of four levels that have been designed to progress a child from a communication book to a dynamic screen system. As you work through the levels, the vocabulary introduces more communication cells and more grids. In addition
to the communication grids, IDV includes ‘My Special Pages’, featuring pre-stored personal messages and educational activities.

Starting Blocks

Starting Blocks has been specially designed for children who have never used a communication aid and need to build up the language and access skills necessary to do so. There are three stages: On Your Marks, Get Set and Go. The first two stages introduce access skills and basic vocabulary cells through fun activities and games. The third stage, Go, is a complete communication vocabulary for beginners that includes action (speak, clear etc) and navigation cells.

Talk Together

Talk Together is a Grid Set designed to empower children and their communication partners to develop their skills together. It builds on the principles underpinning the ACE Centre’s Guide to Developing and Supporting a Communication Book and Look2Talk.


WordPower provides fast communication for people with some literacy skills. There are 4 introductory stages, beginning with a simple version of WordPower. More cells with more features and additional vocabulary are introduced at each stage.


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