Get started with symbol-based vocabulary using the Super Core Communication Book,

A comprehensive paper-based version of Super Core with over 2,000 words organised in a consistent and meaningful way for communication.

Super Core Print template

Tear and water-resistant paper

Pages are tough and resilient so the book can go everywhere that communication needs to happen!

Use alongside high tech AAC

The layout of the book is based on Super Core. This means that the book can be used alongside the grid set and will be immediately familiar.

Making it fun

Vocabulary relating to daily and play activities makes it easier to learn and explore language with activities that are fun and familiar.

Based on Super Core with over 2000 core words for emerging communicators using Widgit symbols.

Easily navigate the Communication Book with colour-coded pages and numbers to find, add, or remove topics.

Large, high quality print on water resistant paper to withstand everyday life and be used anywhere.

Meet Tilly

Get started with the Super Core Communication Book

Super Core supports individuals with a wide range of disabilities which affects their natural speech. The paper-based Communication Book is suited for someone to get started with symbol-based language using a low-tech solution.  Learn more about how to get started with symbol-based communication.




Getting started

How to make pages

Easy to customise


Super Core focuses on learning language through functional and motivating activities, with words repeated across grids to support learning in a range of contexts and scenarios. When the same word appears in more than one acitivity grid, it will always be found in the same location.

Communication Book resources

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