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Start conversations with a single selection

Voco Chat is a pragmatically organised and supportive low-cell count symbol vocabulary in Grid. You’ll find language to communicate for a range of reasons, from telling someone your interests to talking about important topics such as mental health and wellbeing.

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Message building

Cells within Voco Chat will generate speech as well as jump to a new grid at the same time, for words that are relevant for help build your message efficiently.

Age appropriate vocabulary

There are two vocabulary options available in Voco Chat to choose from – one for children and one for teenagers and adults to access age appropriate topics.

Words and phrases

Use a combination of words and phrases to help get your message across quickly and efficiently, from single selections to multi-part messages.

Suitable for all ages with Adult and Teen or Children appropriate words
Use Voco Chat with any type of alternative access including eyegaze
Voco Chat is translated into over in 18 languages for users around the world

Voco Chat is ideal for people who need larger cells to communicate on their AAC device. It’s suitable for users who are making single selections or beginning to build longer phrases. Hear more about why we developed Voco Chat and who it is for in this video with creators AAC Specialist Anita and SLT Daisy.

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See how Voco Chat can help you get your message across quickly and efficiently, and support you to communicate for a wide range of reasons.

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Cell styling

Alternative access

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A pragmatic approach to language

Voco Chat focuses not just on the words we use to communicate, but also the reasons we communicate and how we interact using language. This is also called pragmatics.

Voco Chat is based on a comprehensive review of The Pragmatics Profile for People who use AAC (Martin, Small & Stevens, 2017) recommendations, all about how we communicate and participate in conversations.

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Find everything you need to get started with Voco Chat on the Smartbox Hub. Explore grid set support articles, manual and tutorial videos.

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