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Alea IntelliGaze is available with our 11” and 18” Grid Pad Eye communication aids. Alternatively, you may wish to connect it via USB to a larger monitor in a more permanent setting at home.

It is a forgiving system that allows a large range of head movement and is easy to calibrate.


Perfect with the Grid Pad

Get the complete solution with the Grid Pad Eye with Alea Intelligaze.

The Alea Intelligaze is available with our Grid Pad Eye range.

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There are 3 versions of the Alea IntelliGaze available.

Control Edition

Designed for people using our Look to Learn eye gaze software, Control Edition gives you the ability to move the mouse cursor for early interactive learning. It is quick and easy for people facilitating the user to change settings and activate calibration.

Grid edition

Designed for use with our Grid 3 software, this version gives you the ability to accurately select items on the screen for communication.

Desktop edition

Designed for people that want to take complete control of their computer. Desktop Edition gives you the tools to accurately click and type anywhere in Windows. It includes a ‘zoom’ and ‘snap to target’ features.

  • Directly interact with the user interface rather than piloting the mouse cursor
  • Automatic intuitive magnifier
  • Choice of three automatic keyboards
  • Automatic page scrolling
  • Precise drag and drop controls
  • Easy access menus allowing control of all eye gaze functions
  • Compatible with nearly all Windows applications


We supply the Grid Edition as standard, which includes the tools needed for controlling Grid 3 and Look to Learn. You can upgrade for the Desktop Edition if you require full Windows access.

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The latest Alea software is available here:

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