Super Core

Core vocabulary to support language and literacy

Quickly access over 3,500 of the most commonly used words and phrases – organised in a consistent and meaningful way to help you find the words you need. Activity-based grids make it easy to get started.

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Language development

Super Core is full of features to support language development, learning and literacy. With single words, letters and phrases to support spontaneous, flexible and fast communication.

Learning grids

For users beginning their AAC journey there are a selection of simplified Learning grids. Ideal for those who are just starting to explore symbol communication, and still be developing access skills.

Age appropriate vocabulary

When you add Super Core for the first time, you will be given the choice to select Child or Teen and Adult Super Core. This allows you to choose the most age appropriate vocabulary for the user.

Suitable for all ages and literacy levels
Use with any type of alternative access method
Currently available in 9 languages

Available in two sizes

You’ll find lots of vocabulary relating to daily, play and leisure activities in Super Core, making it easier to learn and explore language with activities that are fun and familiar – and encourage AAC to be used all day, every day!

The full vocabulary is available in two sizes (Super Core 50 and Super Core 30) to suit the needs of different learners. In both versions you can access all the same words and phrases. The Super Core Learning grids are also available in two sizes (12 and 20 cell).

Why choose Super Core

Core vocabulary

Topic grids


Dynamic columns


Easy to navigate

Get started with Super Core

Super Core was created by Smartbox SLT Daisy and is based on research and clinical experience. Take a closer look in these videos and learn how to get started.


Introducing Super Core

Super Core tutorial

Choosing your vocabulary

Available in Grid

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Find everything you need to get started with Super Core on the Smartbox Hub. Explore grid set support articles, manual and tutorial videos.

Get started with Super Core

Paper-based Super Core

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